SEI SEI SEI – Japanese Rock, Paper, Scissors (Multicultural Music Singing Game)


This game was a favorite among my elementary students. It can be used from 1st grade, all the way to 5th grade! I’ve adapted the way the traditional game is taught, to allow the entire class to play the game at the same time. Students learn new Japanese words, sing together, and have fun together as a class!

This product includes a background mp3 for kids to sing along to, featuring traditional Japanese instruments (Koto, Shakuhachi Flute, and Taiko Drums).

The included mp3 plays the song 20 times, and can be played repeatedly until the entire class has finished. I’ve used this with as few as two students, to an entire gymnasium! It could even be used with a large group of students as part of a music program, to demonstrate music from other cultures.


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