Wildflower audio is on TV! Many shows have background music, and sometimes it is classical piano. Working with music libraries, I was able to get some of my piano recordings on television… it is REALLY FUN to hear something you created in the background of a show!

Music in a Netflix movie, ‘Falling Inn Love’. Look how it looks like the older guy is playing it on the piano! That is a piece by Haydn. The next scene, in the room where the women sit together, is also a piece I recorded, by Chopin.



Trade Show Show S1:E4 If You Have to Ask You Don’t Deserve to Know. This is an original piece I composed, designed for spas. The actors are at a spa convention!



This is a Bach prelude that was placed in a show called ‘One Dollar’. I love this one because I arranged it, so it feels more like my music than just playing exactly what Bach wrote. I slowed the tempo down drastically, then reduced the left hand to just outline the chords instead of sounding ‘busy’. The reduction in notes let me add more pedal without it sounding blurry.. and the overall sound is like Bach, but more somber and ‘in the background’.



It’s a surprise to see how the music supervisors use music to go with the visuals of actors on a screen. This one was the best, because the actor is in a psych ward and the music is coming from the tv he’s watching. No classical music this time, instead it’s Scott Joplin’s ‘Maple Leaf Rag’! I loved seeing how they used this.



This placement was a Chopin piece, used on the show ‘Empire’. First placement ever!


I would love to hear this placement, but unfortunately I can’t find it. It is a dramedy style piece I composed. I’ve listened/watched this episode a couple times and… nope, can’t find it. 🙁 It is the episode with Ramell Ross.


This is a Haydn piece that I recorded, placed in the series ‘Bosch’. It is the background music for another fancy party scene. I think the short phrases in this piece may be why the supervisor used it like they did, because it fits well between the pauses in the conversation? Just guessing 🙂


This is a fun ragtime piece called ‘Peaches and Cream’, composed by Percy Wenrich in 1905. It was used in a Girls Scouts Documentary.


Coming soon! This is an upcoming Netflix series called ‘On the Verge’, and a Bach Prelude I recorded will be in it.