Magic Show Music Dynamics – Interactive Game | Loud and Quiet Orchestral Examples

Do you know your music dynamics? Click on the magic card that matches what you hear! 

(This is a sample of the game. The full version of the game begins with a mini-lesson, presenting the most common music dynamic symbols and their meaning (forte, piano, fortepiano, crescendo, decrescendo and sforzando. After the mini-lesson students can play the game – each slide has an audio example that automatically plays, and students select the card with the correct dynamic symbol. Incorrect answers will ‘grey-out’ the wrong card, and correct answers will make the wrong card disappear while magical dust flies out of the hat! A fun sound effect accompanies each correct answer. For the complete game, visit my store here.)

Musical Countdown Timer for Motivation and Encouragement – For the Classroom and at Home

Uh-oh! Time is running out! This timer is a fun and silly way to motivate your kids (or yourself? 🙂 )  to complete tasks in time. Try it out! Just click the blue ‘next’ button to advance the slides and start the timer. This musical timer counts down from five minutes to zero, with both musical and visual cues. A ticking sound effect, combined with an orchestral background, make ‘getting the job done’ fun! At the end of the five minutes, an animated alarm clock goes off. The timer can also be started at 4, 3, 2, or 1 minute. To download the free timer, visit my store here

Some Ideas for use:

In the classroom

Putting away toys/supplies

Finishing assignments


Anything you can think of!

Digital Ear-Training Rhythm Game | Aural Identification of Ti, Titi and Rest

Your students will enjoy practicing their aural skills with these interactive colorful percussion instrument slides, perfect for Kodály based teaching! Students click on the instrument picture, and listen to a four-beat rhythm example played by the instrument shown. They then choose which rhythm they heard from the three choices provided.

All rhythms are four beats long, using stick notation for quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rests. Students will hear examples played by instruments of the percussion family: timpani, cowbell, snare drum, tubular bells, triangle, bass drum, tambourine, cymbals, marimba, woodblock and xylophone. 

For the complete game, visit the store here.


Identifying Treble Clef Space Notes

Calling all beginning staff readers! Colorful notes (gumballs) are on the music staff…can you identify the correct letter names of the treble clef space notes? (Just click on the blue ‘next’ button to advance the slides and begin)

This game begins with a mini-lesson to introduce the notes before playing the game. The game has 25 interactive, self-checking slides. The complete bundle for the music staff (treble and bass clef, all line and space notes) can be found here (Name the Note – Digital Music Games)