Five Little Speckled Frogs

Be sure to click on the audio icon in the top left corner to start the music! This song is a sample from the collection ‘Nursery Rhyme Sing-Along | Preschool and Early Elementary Music and Literacy‘. These colorful slides with embedded music will delight your students as they sing some of the most popular nursery rhymes. Learning nursery rhymes builds phonetic awareness, language skills, speech development, literacy, vocabulary, and most of all they are fun! The rhymes can be spoken, or sung using the included music as an accompaniment track – perfect for the music or regular classroom. The accompaniment tracks are also perfect for presenting a performance to your school or parents- simply sing along! The digital format makes it easy to use in the classroom or for distance learning.

Name the Note | Digital Music Game for Treble Clef Spaces

Perfect for distance learning or the classroom, this is a fantastic set of interactive games for all beginning staff readers! Colorful notes (gumballs) are on the music staff, and the student chooses the correct letter names of the treble clef space notes. 

Includes a mini-lesson with animations to introduce the concept to students before playing the game. The game has 25 interactive, self-checking slides (animated gumballs fly to the gumball machine with a fun sound effect when the correct answer is chosen), and students can play alone or as a class.

Classroom Countdown Timer for Motivation and Encouragement

This timer is a fun and silly way to motivate and encourage your students to complete tasks in time. This musical timer counts down from five minutes to zero, with both musical and visual cues to challenge students to finish their task. A ticking sound effect, combined with an orchestral background, make ‘getting the job done’ fun! At the end of the five minutes, an animated alarm clock goes off. The timer can also be started at 4, 3, 2, or 1 minute.

Some Ideas for use:

In the classroom

Putting away toys/supplies

Finishing assignments


Anything you can think of!