Read Aloud ‘The Ninjabread Man’ with Soundtrack and Sound Effects

Do your kids love the book ‘The Ninjabread Man’, by C.J. Leigh and illustrated by Chris Gall? They will surely love performing the book accompanied by a musical score with sound effects! Simply read the book, while playing the corresponding music that goes with each page.

This would be perfect for classroom performances, dramatic readings, plays, or as a performance for parents. The music is a custom made score that features orchestral instruments with traditional Japanese instruments woven in

The book can be purchased online at Scholastic Books. A super fun and simple way to incorporate literature, drama and music with the holidays.


Tap or click on the book icons below, then read the page while the music plays. Each page has specific music that goes with it (for example: before you read pages 1-2, tap/click on the book icon below labeled 1-2).

Whenever you read one of the key vocabulary words (Ninjabread Man, oven door, flash, etc.) tap or click the corresponding sound effect buttons (blue buttons with pictures). Happy Ninja reading!

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