African Music Instruments for Kids | Listen and Play!

Engage young learners with this digital, interactive resource that introduces African music instruments! Kids interact with each instrument by simply tapping or clicking on the picture of it. Try out one of the pages from it below!

This would be fantastic to use as:

  • a supplement a lesson about African history, musical instruments, world music
  • a class reward
  • when there is a substitute (everything is contained within the digital file – just open the file and go!)

Students will learn to aurally and visually identify: kora, kalimba, mbira, juju shaker, djembe, shaker, sistrum, balafon, talking drum, rainstick, udu, seed pod rattle, sabar drums, conga, caxaxi, agogô bell, goblet drum (darbuka), African fiddle, log drum (slit drum), kudu horn, bendir (frame drum), water drum, bongo, batá

To learn more or purchase the resource, visit my TPT store here.

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