Instruments from Africa BINGO Game | Audio Examples for Each Instrument!

Have FUN with your students as they learn about the unique sounds of instruments from Africa! High-quality audio recordings are included for each instrument. Includes a classroom version and a digital distance learning version. This would be a fantastic activity to use as:

  • a supplement a lesson about African history, musical instruments, world music
  • a class reward
  • when there is a substitute

Students will learn to aurally and visually identify:

kora, Kalimba, mbira, juju shaker, djembe, shaker, sistrum, balafon, talking drum, rainstick, udu, seed pod rattle, sabar drums, conga, caxaxi, agogô bell, goblet drum (darbuka), African fiddle, log drum (slit drum), kudu horn, bendir (frame drum), water drum, bongo, batá


  • 30 printable BINGO playing cards
  • 24 printable folk instrument cards with name and picture of each instrument
  • custom recordings of each instrument using the Ethno World 6 sound library – (it’s amazing!)
  • classroom version AND distance learning version – students can even access the recordings at home!

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