Fast and Slow Tempos in Classical Music

Immerse your younger students into a world of music with this interactive fast and slow listening game, perfect for distance learning or the classroom! Students listen to a 15 second section from a classical piece of music, then choose the rabbit (fast) or turtle (slow). Animations and fun sound effects accompany each answer! Perfect for preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade music students.

Listening selections are all classical pieces by famous composers – each listening slide has a picture of the particular composer for each piece.


  • PowerPoint version (20 interactive slides, plus composer page)
  • Distance Learning version – simply click on the link provided after purchase. You can send it to your students by sharing the link (or embed in Google slides or similar program). It is playable on ANY device! Tablets, phones, computers, etc. Or, you can use it in your classroom as you would a PowerPoint, simply click on the link and project onto your board.

Meets National Core Arts Standard for Music (MU:Pr4.2) Students will explore and demonstrate awareness of music contrasts